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Farahi: We are satisfied with our participation in DOMOTEX

What changed have you seen in the 7th Tehran International Carpet Exhibition, in comparison with the previous period?
Exhibition of the current year is improved in terms of quality and more producers are interested in attending and participating in this event and I hope that this trend would be continued in future years and we would witness development of the exhibitions and increase in presence of foreign participants. This year we had some customers from Arabian countries of the Persian Gulf.

•What was your achievement from the exhibition held in previous year?
Anyway, exhibition in the place for offering new products and introducing as well as developing relations between companies, manufacturers and traders. Therefore, we could become familiar with many companies and traders. Additionally, presence in the exhibitions helps to increase reputation of the company and receiving new ideas within the competition space and it also affected the trend of our activities.

•What is your general assessment?
In my opinion, developments occurred during these seven years were positive, otherwise we never arrange for participation in the event. In fact, we can say that we are forced to attend and participate in exhibitions. No one and no company is able to agree this but not willing to attend a competition space like exhibitions because exhibition is a proper place and time for being selected by the customers and failure in attending may result in being deprived from this opportunity.


•How do you assess the latest Hanover DOMOTEX?
Germany’s DOMOTEX is a good exhibition but we cannot expect a considerable success during a two or three-year period. Tehran’s exhibition, in comparison with DOMOTEX, is a better opportunity in terms of costs, to obtain success. Therefore, anyone decides to attend in DOMOTEX should pay more costs and not expect the success in short-time and work in a concentrated and specialized way, because nature of Iran’s and DOMOTEX’s market are different.

•Will you attend in the next DOMOTEXT Exhibition?
Yes, we will. Except the recent period that we participated, we were intended to participate in DOMOTEX but we were not quire prepare. So, we preferred to attend worthily  and with the required innovation, otherwise we were not able to obtain such success that we experienced in Germany’s DOMOTEX. We are satisfied with our presence in DOMOTEX.
•How presence in DOMOTEX affects you performance?
Anyway, it changed our attitude a little. In the Middle East’s market, the customer is interested in high density carpets and cliché designs but general taste of international market is quite different. Additionally, in foreign markets, price is of the highest priority by in Iranian and Middle East’s market, the quality is more considered. In fact, international customer follows logic.

•What are your plans based on feedbacks obtained from DOMOTEX?
Definitely, we have considered demands of their market. For example we paid attention to their taste in coloring our products, or produced two or three cheaper products that are appropriate for international market’s expectations that will be offered in Hanover  DOMOTEXT 2016.


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