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Egy Home Tex exhibition kicks off

Egy Home Tex exhibition kicks off

The Egy Home Tex exhibition kicked off on Thursday and will run for four days. 
The event is organized by the Textiles, Apparel & Home Textile Export Council of Egypt in tandem with Vision Fairs company. 

In statements on Thursday, the council’s chairman, Magdi Tolba, said Egy Home Tex is the sole textile exhibition in Egypt. 

He said Egypt’s exports of textiles reached dlrs 864 million in 2019, noting that exports of upholstery fabrics marked a 32 percent rise from 2018. 


Turkey is the top importer of Egypt’s upholstery fabrics as it absorbed almost 62 percent of Egypt’s production in 2019. 

Italy came in the second position followed by Spain, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and the UAE. 

Tolba noted that the council seeks to boost exports to promising markets such as the US, Greece and Portugal.



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