Durst Group launches “Durst Kraftwerk” in Brixen
The official opening of Durst Kraftwerk

Durst Group launches “Durst Kraftwerk” in Brixen

The new facility is home to spin-offs and start-ups of the Durst Group and Technicon Holding on more than 5,300m2.

Durst, a leading manufacturer of digital printing and production technologies, opened the “Durst Kraftwerk” on September 02, 2022. Located in the former DUKA building at Julius Durst St. 2, Brixen, the 5,300m2+ hall will be the new home of the company’s in-house spin-offs and start-ups.

“Born out of the need to give our U.S. acquisition Vanguard Digital Systems a home in Europe, the idea for the “Durst Kraftwerk” was born,” says Christoph Gamper, CEO and co-owner of the Durst Group. “A powerhouse that brings together our spin-offs and start-ups and offers them a new home.

In this way, we provide a creative environment where the companies can fully concentrate on their respective areas of expertise – without the “burden” of integration into an established structure. I am grateful and proud of the individual co-founders and their teams and convinced that top performance and business success will go hand in hand in the Durst Kraftwerk.

In fact, we’ve already created 35 highly qualified jobs by the time of the opening – in the final expansion stage, more than 100 employees will be researching, developing, designing, optimizing and teaching at the Kraftwerk – helping to shape tomorrow’s production processes and methods.”

Durst Group launches “Durst Kraftwerk” in Brixen
Christoph Gamper (left) and Harald Oberrauch

“Technicon Holding unites internationally successful companies such as Durst Group AG and Alupress AG under its umbrella,” says Harald Oberrauch, owner of Technicon Holding. “At the same time, we act as an incubator to promote new business ideas that arise in our companies’ environment. From a bird’s eye view, we can clear hurdles more quickly, accelerate development processes and connect teams. We aim to create a true innovation center for specialized service providers at the Durst Kraftwerk.”

With Vanguard Europe GmbH, Kraftwerk is home to the European branch of the U.S. company Vanguard Digital Printing Systems, which Durst Group acquired in 2020. The manufacturer of digital printing systems for signage, decor, corporate, industrial and packaging sectors, manufactures for the European market at this location and also has its own customer center.

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