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Colorgate to display digital printing solutions at Inprint

Colorgate, a leader in digital textile printing solutions, will show its comprehensive portfolio for digital print automation and colour standardisation along the entire process chain in the age of Industry 4.0 at Inprint expo. The international expo of print technology for industrial manufacturing will be held from November 20-22, 2018, in Milan, Italy.

In cooperation with Metis Systems srl, the global leader for high quality scanners, Colorgate will also present a 3D capturing and digital reproduction solution, the company said in a press release.

During the conference at the expo, several Colorgate experts will share their knowledge: CEO of the company, Thomas Kirschner, will give a talk on ‘Colour management software for Industrial Colour Printing’, while other specialists will discuss the technical challenges and their solutions in the IMI Europe Inkjet Tech Talk.

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Colorgate’s Industrial Productionserver solutions enable an individual and flexible design of the products both in mass production and in small quantities – directly in the production process in real-time. Colorgate provides solutions to machine manufacturers and OEMs for the décor, textile, ceramic, floor tiles, wallpaper, glass printing; and packaging (direct-to-object decoration (bottles, cans, other containers)).

The company will present its Adobe PDF Print Engine based Industrial Productionserver range for ceramic, décor, packaging, and textile applications. Visitors can experience some specialised solution highlights at its booth, which were tailor-made for the exact needs of the different industry segments.

The Out of Gamut Module (OOGM) provides an easy understandable colour reproduction forecast per print job, providing meaningful information even to non-specialist operators if colour deviations are expected in the print output. An intuitive visualisation as a heatmap visualisation indicates colours and areas that cannot be printed colour accurately. It is particularly suitable for the use in the production of decorative surfaces and textiles, as well as for digital packaging printing.

The revolutionary concept of Fingerprint Module (FPRM) is for efficient and high-quality reproduction and reprints. It generates a fingerprint production file, which includes a colorimetric specification of the initial print. This digital master provides a reliable reference so that future reprints can be reproduced exactly and colour consistently. The procedure allows to standardise and ensure optimal reproduction results of digitally decorated objects, such as wood and plastic surfaces, laminates, ceramic floor, and wall tiles as well as decorative textiles.

Colorgate presents a complete scan-to-print workflow on the base of the Metis Surf 3D Scanner in a unique Colorgate edition. In combination with Colorgate’s RIP and Color Management Software for a variety of decorative digital printing applications such as décor, ceramics, textile or wallpaper, this will be the first complete workflow solution from scan via design to print production. This brand-new turn-key solution is to acquire, transform and output complete surface description data. This offers an aligned solutions from image and surface acquisition – including embossing, glossiness and colour – to output rendition for digital inkjet printing solutions.


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