Collage carpets are the products of Iranian creativity, technology and art

The interview of Kohan Journal with Ms. Darya Sobhe-collage carpets company

1- Please  give a brief description of your biography and scientific and practical background.

DARYA SOBHE, born in 1996, has a master of textile engineering and the third generation of handmade carpet production, selling, and exporting. handmade carpets are our family business and we have been exporting carpets for about forty years. carpets that are the products of Iranian creativity, technology, and art.

2-when did you come up with the idea of producing collage carpets and how did you get into this field?

As the generation has changed, tastes have changed from traditional to modern and we take advantage of these changes and make the collage carpets. with a great variety, we try to cover all tastes and collage carpets with different colors and designs to attract the attention of all generations.

3-collage carpets are great ways to recycle old rugs. How can your activity help to recycle carpets and protect the environment, the planet and produce green products?

In the past, used carpets were used for sewing and dosing donkeys saddles or similar situations. but today, these carpets are very valuable to us and collage carpets can be produced by them in different sizes and could be a good source of income from foreign countries that are very interested in Iranian carpets even during sanction.

4-what physical characteristics should a good collage carpets have?

We have to make sure that the carpets are used in the collage carpets are not rotten and that the lint of the used carpets is the same in appearance.

5-how much of your products are exported?

Selling and exporting handmade carpets is our family business and we have been exporting carpets for about 40 years. Forty-piece carpets are mainly exported to Europe. And so far Germany has had the most purchases. We are also marketing in other markets; We have identified the American marketing through our branch in the United States.

6) How is your business during the Pandemic?

The situation of the handmade carpet has damaged a lot. During this period, like all other trades, Corona has had a very negative effect on our work and has put a lot of pressure on the trade-in all aspects. I hope the business conditions will be improved in the future.

7) Can you explain the procedure of the collage carpets?

Collage carpets are Inspired by the same Grandma’s chelteke, . Useable pieces of used carpets are cut and connected by a special technique with a variety of designs, layouts, and different sizes, and since the product is new, innovative, they are becoming popular in the world.

We are the only manufacturer of collage carpets because it has their own problems and complexities, and the cost of buying any industrial wheel for sewing is very high, and not everyone is willing to spend these costs.

8) Can the production of collage carpets affect the originality of Iranian handmade carpets?

No, our work and our products have nothing to do with the originality of the carpet, and usually, the original carpets come from the museum, not from the collage carpets. In collage carpets, we usually use coarse-textured and commercial carpets.

It is true that in the uniform painting of carpet pieces, the design and color of the carpet change, but this does not harm the nature of Iranian carpets because these carpets are recycled. In fact, these are discarded and recycled carpets that become a commodity used by the people and do not harm the structure of the Iranian carpet, but bring currency to the country.

9) Are the dimensions of collage carpets limited?

No, all kinds of sizes and shapes such as circles, semicircles, ovals, and polygons can be produced and there are no restrictions.

10) At the end do you want to mention anything that could be helpful in this case?

In the time before the revolution, the carpet was considered a valuable commodity so that every family could mortgage their carpets to the Kargoshaei Banks and get a bank loan in case of financial need, but today everything has changed by new generations and their tastes. For example, a young person who prefers ripped jeans to new jeans today uses the same taste to choose underwear. Therefore, collage carpets can be the best option, which is a combination of traditional carpets with a modern layout.

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