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Shanghai International Digital Textile Printing Conference

“Make Printing Easier” Shanghai International Digital Textile Printing Conference will be held in Shanghai on April 18. Welcome to join us!


Organized by UBM China (TPF-Shanghai International Digital Printing Industry Fair) and co-organized by Fashion Print, “Making Printing Easier” event will come to Shanghai soon after 2 stops in Shaoxing Keqiao and Suzhou Shengze. As the third stop of the “Make Printing Easier” event, the Shanghai International Digital Textile Printing Conference will be held at the Shanghai New International Expo Centre on April 18. The Conference will gather professionals in digital textile printing at home and abroad. The topics cover several areas, such as market trend, technology, business mode, application, etc.


Opening Opening Introduction
9:40-9:55 Opening Speech
Presentation Business Model For Digital Printing
10:00-10:25 How will digital printing change your business model?
10:30-10:55 What are brand owners’ opinions on digital printing? Does it provide a profitable business model?
Panel Discussion Digital Printing In Home Textile
11:00-12:00 a) Market status and customer needs
b) Analysis on the material consumption costs related to printing widths, resolution, pattern design, etc.
c) How to increase market volume?
Presentation Digital Printing Technology
13:00-13:25 Print Head FAQ (such as blocking, corrosion, drop size and speed adjustment, instability, air disturbance, etc.)
13:30-13:55 How to improve print quality (colour fastness, light- or sun-resistance, friction-resistance, etc) with suitable ink?
Presentation + Panel Discussion Market Trends And Applications Of Digital Printing
14:00-14:55 Global market analysis
15:00-15:55 How to get new customers in new areas, such as textile, leather, wall paper, tag, porcelain, glass, etc.
Panel Discussion Digital Printing In Garment
16:00-17:00 a) How to realize fast garment customization with digital printing technology and E-commerce?
B) Technical difficulties in digital printing on semi-finished knitted garment and solutions.

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