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Radici Group

RadiciGroup unveils recyclable nylon gilet for ski club

The RadiciGroup has presented a new 100 per cent nylon gilet, made with the collaboration of the companies in its 100 per cent European production chain, to the coaches of its ski club. The gilet will be worn by all RadiciGroup ski club athletes. RadiciGroup is a producer of chemical intermediates, engineering plastics, synthetic fibres, and nonwovens.

The mono-material garment was developed within an eco-design framework and can, therefore, be easily recycled mechanically at the end of its life, thus becoming a secondary raw plastic material to be used for technical and industrial applications.

The RadiciGroup gilet is an actual example of the circular economy in action – an approach much talked about, but which few enterprises are capable of implementing in house.

The 100 per cent nylon gilet is made with Raditek Fine yarn, a high-tenacity polyamide yarn, specially engineered for high technology applications, such as sails and parachutes. The yarn endows the fabric with high tear and abrasion resistance, while keeping it lightweight and resistant to UV radiation. The gilet features Radilon staple fibre fibreball filling, a polyamide zipper, and nylon cords with a minimal percentage of elastomer, so as not to jeopardise recyclability.

Angelo Radici, president of RadiciGroup and the main sponsor of the ski club said, “This gilet, which combines style and comfort with high performance, has a second life incorporated in it. Surely, in consideration of the high quality of the material used to make it, the garment will preserve its characteristics for a long time to come. But it’s also truly sustainable, and it’s nice to know that when the coaches and athletes of our ski club are no longer wearing it, they will be able to recycle it into plastics, to make new compounds with high technical and performance characteristics.

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